Halloween Fun on the Ice

The morning after the Ice Theatre of New York Gala, many of my skating friends joined me for my class at Rockefeller Center!  There was Ken Shelley, Tai & Randy, Tenley Albright, Elin Schran, Richard Dwyer, and the most fabulous costume designer (and gorgeous skater), Alicia Jackson!

Some of my long time students, Mary, Francine, Michaela, Robin, Susan and Roland, who have such a zest for life, wore Halloween costumes since it was Oct. 31st! Some guest skaters included Brooke, Chiquita, Tom and Robyn and of course my friend and assistant coach, Emily.  Here are too many pictures of this spectacular fall morning in NYC!

With so many lovers of skating on the ice, you can just imagine the energy in the air!  What a fun morning!  It was all about the glorious feeling of the edge taking you for a ride!

Thanks so much to photographer and friend Robyn Roth-Moise for capturing the day so beautifully!