Olympic Inspiration

I recently visited several schools in and near my hometown of Madison, NJ.  The principals and teachers wanted me to share my Olympic experiences (from 1968 & 1972) with the kids.  What a joy it was to see their eyes light up as I shared my stories and to hear their lovely questions about my journey!

Although it was 46 years since my last Olympics, the memories came flooding back in a powerful way!  I hope you were as inspired as I was watching those amazing athletes competing in South Korea as they strived with all they had to give this moment everything they had!

If you haven’t been moving much lately, it’s never too late to find YOUR inner Olympian!  Find a Rink and a friend near you and go skating!  My Most Valuable Tips?

  • Bend your knees
  • Lift in your core
  • Arms at 10 and 2 o’clock
  • Keep your hips back, especially when you’re unsteady
  • Feet together before each push
  • Push to the side with your inside edges (no toe picks please!)
  • Smile!!!