Here is a brief glimpse of my career in skating with Ken Shelley as 10 year olds competing in California to the Olympics, to Ice Capades, then performing with John Curry, and later beginning our production company for skating events.

One of my childhood dreams came true when Ken and I finished the ’72 Olympic Games and were invited to skate with the Ice Capades!  We grew up in Downey, California and skated here to a medley of music by fellow Downey High School friends, the Carpenters.

When British, World and Olympic Champion John Curry asked me to skate with him on Broadway, a whole new world opened up to me!  I felt as if I learned to skate all over again!  John’s brilliance in technique, choreography and vision brought his cast on an incredible journey.  He was a dream to skate with.  Here’s a glimpse of our Tango, Tango choreographed by Peter Martins of the New York City Ballet.

One morning, NBC’s hysterical Ben Aaron joined me and my ladies on the ice at Rockefeller Center for my Cool Workout Class!  Ben has a style I could never explain…or teach!  See what I mean…