The World Famous Rink at Rockefeller Center
Tuesday and Thursday Mornings
7:30 to 8:30 am (breakfast after 7:00)
October through April (excluding December)

Fees are $65 per class, or $60 per class if you take more than half of the classes each month (most months have 8 classes). Classes include exclusive use of the rink for one hour, coaching from JoJo and/or her staff, continental breakfast and rental skates. Some classes are postponed due to weather conditions. Please notify Emily in advance if you are planning to skate with us.

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Cool Workout Snowing

A word from a skating student:

“For many years, walking to my office in Rockefeller Center, I used to observe the skaters on the Rink, marveling at the joy and grace that so many of them exuded. Their delight was infectious; I longed to get a taste of it myself, to counter the stresses that I encountered each day as a litigation partner at a major New York law firm. So one day, I decided to investigate JoJo Starbuck’s early-morning “Cool Workout” sessions. That was, without a doubt, one of the best decisions of my life. Learning to skate as an adult has been a source of tremendous joy, as well as of wonderful new friendships My mental and physical health have benefited; my balance has improved; and my mind stays supple, with the hundreds of new things that I am learning. (Professional skaters make it look so easy!) I sail into the office after my “Cool Workout” sessions glowing with vigor, a smile on my face. JoJo’s “Cool Workout” has become an indispensable part of a balanced life, at least for me.”

~ Mary Yelenick,


Will This Be the Year?

By Michaela Hamilton

Will this be the year
    I will perfect my spin?
Will this be the season
     I’ll look up and grin?
Will this be the year
     when my edges get strong?
Will I learn to get right
     all the things I did wrong?
Will I finally lace up
     my boots really tight?
Will I glide like a feather,
     graceful and light?
Will I somehow summon
     the courage to jump?
Will I stand up straight
     and avoid any slump?
Will my 3-turns carve
     with easy finesse?
Will I succeed
    in my urge to progress?
All summer long
     I’ve been waiting and hopin’
I’m counting the days
     till the ice rink will open!